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Rare Wines: BULAS Very Old Port

BULAS - Very Old Port Wine

There’s a new addition to Casa Portuguesa’s Rare Wines Collection: BULAS Very Old Port.

At Quinta da Costa de Baixo, the producing force of Bulas Wines, there’s an old cellar and warehouse dating from 1840 that still keeps it’s original design.

That’s where amazing secrets are kept: aged casks with old – and very old – wine. “Very fine wine”, nurtured for generations, that is now for us to taste, as a generous treasure from the Douro tradition.

BULAS Very Old Port is one such secrets – an exceptional 100 plus years Tawny Port of which just 200 numbered bottles were recently made available.

Gold coloured with predominant dark green notes, this wine’s bouquet is complex and intense, delighting us with memories of toast, honey, caramel, dry fruit, damask, figs and orange.

On the mouth, it’s a rich, full bodied wine unveiling a range of exuberant, intense flavours, and with a long, very persistent finishing.

Gold coloured with dark green notes, a complex and intense bouquet, and with exuberant flavours that lead to a very persistent finishing, this unique, very old, wine is the latest, and certainly one of the most notable, additions to our Rare Wines Collection.

Find out more about BULAS Very Old Port on our online wine shop.

— Casa Portuguesa. From Portugal, with love.

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