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The perfect picnic wine?

Vinho Verde Picnic Wine Warszawa

Some things just taste better in the summer…

The perfect picnic wine? Susy Atkins has no doubts!

Vinho Verde is my go-to picnic wine: white, crisp and refreshing, often tingling with a light spritz, easy-going and inexpensive. That adds up to a great pour with salads, cold meats or smoked salmon.

These wines taste youthful and lively, with crisp acidity and a whiff of white blossom
And it can be more than that. It’s well worth experimenting with the premium Vinho Verdes popping up this summer.

This large region of north Portugal produces more diverse wines than you might imagine – whites, reds and sparkling.

Of the whites, look out for some showcasing just one grape, rather than blends of Portuguese varieties.

The loureiro grape gives us floral-scented, elegant, lemony versions; arinto delivers a racy, whistle-clean style; and those made from alvarinho tend to be more complex, a little richer, with no effervescence.

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