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Portuguese wine tasting – Summer edition

Casa Portuguesa and Wino & Friends proudly present…

Portuguese Wine Tasting Wino & Frinds Warsaw

Portuguese WINE TASTING – Summer edition

For this year’s summer tasting we bring you a fine collection of portuguese wines, hand-picked by Jorge Lopes from 3 distinct local producers. Vinho Verde, Alentejo and Port wines are represented by the following slection:

– 1 Sparkling Wine Vinho Verde DOC (ESTREIA)
– 4 White Wines Vinho Verde DOC (ESTREIA)
– 1 Rosé Wine Vinho Verde DOC (ESTREIA)
– 2 Reds from Alentejo (HERDADE DOS COTEIS)
– 1 Port Tawny Reserva (BULAS)

And because wine always works best with friends and food, we’re paring these nectars with some great “petiscos” – that’s how we say “tapas” in Portuguese!

So don’t miss on this chance and join us on Thursday, August the 11th, after work.

And don’t forget to bring your friends!

WHEN: Thursday, August 11. From 17.00 till 21.00
WHERE: Wino & Friends – Pokorna 2, Warszawa
PRICE: 40zł / person
WHAT’S INCLUDED: 8 tasting pours (1 for each wine), wine description, tapas.
WHERE TO BUY: Wino & Friends (August 4-10)

MORE INFO on Casa Portuguesa’s Facebook page.

– CASA PORTUGUESA. From Portugal, with love.

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Like a cool summer breeze!


“There is nothing quite like vinho verde on a hot summer night.”

– Said everyone who ever tried it.

Fresh, citric and slightly bubbly, vinho verde is the perfect companion for the long, warm summer afternoons and the star-filled summer nights. By the sea or on a picnic, paired with sea food or with a fruit salad, ESTREIA wines are made for Summer.

Like Casa Portuguesa’s facebook page and get 15% discount on all ESTREIA wines on your next visit (*) to our Warsaw shop.

— CASA PORTUGUESA. From Portugal, with love.

(*) Valid for visits until 31/08/2016 and exclusively for ESTREIA wines available at the shop at the time of visit.

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Wine Tasting – 2016 Spring edition (Warsaw)

Welcome to the 2016 Spring Wine Tasting by Casa Portuguesa in Warsaw!

Wine Tasting - 2016 Spring

Spring has sprung – and at Casa Portuguesa, we celebrate it with a toast… and a tasting!

But not just any tasting. We set up a special commented tasting that will help you – through a simple but clear description of each wine – to understand what hides inside the bottle.

From “vinho verde” to fresh whites and fruity reds from different regions in Portugal, we’ve put together a fine selection of wines matching the sunny days ahead – vibrant and full of life.

During the event, we’ll also hand the prizes to the winners of the 4 contests held among those who attended our previous tasting “Bifana at Towarzyska“.

The 2016 Spring Tasting is “by invitation only” but we may hold a surprise for some lucky wine lovers out there. So, if you’d like to attend, don’t hesitate to mark your interest on the Facebook event and…

Stay tuned!

Casa Portuguesa. From Portugal, with love.

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Wine tasting today at Towarzyska

These are some of the fine wines you may try today at “Bifana @ Towarzyska“, a Portuguese street food and wine tasting event taking place in the coolest klubokawiarnia in Saska Kępa.


  • Quinta da Lixa, Loureiro (white), Vinho Verde
  • Morgado da Vila, Alvarinho (white), Vinho Verde
  • Tapada do Marquês, blend (white), Vinho Verde
  • Eloquente (white), DOC Dão
  • Eloquente (red), DOC Dão

You can find all these fine wines and many more on our online store and at our Warsaw shop.

Casa Portuguesa. From Portugal, with love.

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What makes Portuguese wine so special?

Next time someone asks you, this is what makes Portuguese wine special: terroir and grape diversity.

CPWS Portuguese Wine is all about TERROIR

Wine making in Portugal is an ancient and cherished tradition.

Barely making it to the top ten for absolute wine production, Portugal comes second in the world when you account for land area. Adding to this, it’s 14 geographical denominations and 29 DOC (there’s wine being produced all over the country, really!), define a wine culture that has the terroir at its core.

There is also an incredible array of grave varieties (“castas”, as we call them), many native to the country, and even exclusive to some regions, adding an extra degree of character to our wine.

But there’s more to it than just nature. For the last thirty years, a lot has changed when it comes to technology and, most importantly, craftsmanship. As an art, wine means nothing without the men and women creating it. As a new generation of winemakers emerged in the 1990s, a renewed approach to tradition has been yielding bolder, richer and more sophisticated wines.

Taking the most out of the country’s terroirs and varieties, these artists have managed to experiment and innovate, building on what has always made our wine special – its uniqueness.

Casa Portuguesa. From Portugal, with love.

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Portuguese flavours at Kublokawiarnia Towarzyska

Next Saturday, we’ll be joining an original tasting of Portuguese favours..

Bifana & Wine at Klubokawiarnia Towarzyska

For the first time in Warsaw, you’ll have a chance to try great Portuguese wines together with some of our most delicious street food, staring the famous “bifana” prepared by Chef Miguel Santos Carvalho of Much More Than Food.

The event will take place at Klubokawiarnia Towarzyska, in Saska Kępa, Saturday (March 19), from 11.00 until 17.00.

For more information, please visit “Bifana @ Towarzyska” event page on Facebook.

UPDATE: You also might be interested in the list of wines we’ll be serving at the event.

Casa Portuguesa. From Portugal, with love.